I am Lola Medina, I was born in Ecuador, the land of the 4 worlds. And I fell in love with Galápagos since the first time I went on my prom trip. It was very exciting to go with all my classmates and I still remember the burned faces of the first days.

I always liked the idea of capturing moments, so I Went to the United States after graduation and obtained a degree in English as a second language and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.  When I returned, the idea of capturing the nature of these islands in one of my passions captivated my mind and thus, in my short 23 years I was able to fulfill this dream.

I was lucky enough to be able to work on a Galapagos cruise as a public relations officer on board and, luckily, for more than 15 years in tourism in airlines and travel agencies in charge of the tours to these islands.

Now, with my two children and their experiences of adult life around the corner I wanted that anyone has the opportunity to know the beautiful islands that fascinated me so much at their age and, as I hope they do, and fall in love with the wonders of my beautiful Ecuador as much as I did.




Cristina Gonzalez 

London : +44 (0) 794 616 5564

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