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London is much more than one of the most populated cities in Europe with just over 8,500,000 habitats. London goes beyond being the capital of the United Kingdom. Surely when thinking about a place to make a break or to base your visit to the United Kingdom  London  is the point. It is a city full of life and where you can do absolutely everything, whatever your idea of ​​traveling  

When Cristina, founder of L & C Unique, arrived in London for the first time, she feeling a real shot with this vibrant city, in her own words:

"The city has a unique energy that makes you think that everything is possible and you never finish knowing it."

We could even say that there is a London for each of us. Leisure, theaters, parks, shopping, gastronomy, photography ...

Tell us what you like, tell us what experience you would like to live, let us propose you, choose , 




Feel Unique

Can you imagine arrived in London, and that the person you've been talking about your tastes and preferences has everything ready for you?

 We will give you all the attention and welcome you to the magnificent city of London


Royal Ascot


Royal Ascot, one of the most exclusive events in the world of horse riding, is celebrated on June 24th. Whether or not you are a horse fan is an experience you should not miss since from every point of view (sports, folk, exotic, anthropological ...) are amazing. And is that Brits are unique when they practice Brits,. They do it so well and so in unison that the foreigner enter a crazy desire to be British. It is what happens in Ascot,

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