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Surely more than once it will have happened that when traveling you have found problems with the room, with reservations or you have not been able to orient very well to the arrival in that new city. From L & C Unique we want that when you start your trip your biggest concern is to enjoy those days of disconnection or in case you are in a business job that you only have to focus on that meeting so important. That is why we have created our consergerie service, with which from the outset you will be assigned to a trusted person who will watch over you during your trip.

What we offer:

  • You will be assigned a consergerie that from the day before your arrival will be able to contact you through whatsapp.

  • Check the room and chech inn so that everything is ready upon your arrival.

  • Reception at the hotel to provide you with all the information you may need.

  • Management and delivery of your tickets and reservations.

  • 24-hour communication using whatsapp.

What we guarantee:

  • Professionalism and experience.

  • Speed ​​and efficiency.

  • Knowledge of both the city and the country.

  • Punctuality and commitment.

  • Service in different languages ​​for your convenience.

  • 24 hours 365 days a year.

We cover the consergerie service in: London, Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and Spain


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