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Here are the top 7 reasons more and more couples are deciding to say “I do” under the Catalonia land

1 . Location, location, location! Due to Catalonia’ s diverse landscapes and range of different environment s , the  offer s something unique for every taste


 2.A food Lover s Dream: Catalonia food i s awesome and Catalonia wines are even better! Catalonia has a wonderful select ion of meat s and cheeses

3. Affordability: Catalonia, besides being friendlier and livelier  

4. Connected by Land, Sea and Air : I t i s very easy and affordable to get to Catalonia from anywhere in Europe (and the world).

  Your guest s will have no excuse not to be there!

 5. For Safety Reasons : Spain i s one of the 20 safes t countries in the world! 

6. Always in Style: Spain i s one of the world leader s of style, fashion, and art . Some of the mos t prominent wedding dress designer s can be found in Spain.

7. Amazing Venues : Given the variety of Catalonia’ s landscape, the country offer s plenty of iconic places where you can hold your wedding ceremony. You can choose from a wide range of opt ions , from Gothic palaces to modern, styli sh luxury hotel s .


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